4 thoughts on “Careers”

  1. Good job. The words were very clear and not stumbled upon. It was loud enough to be heard without turning the volume all the way up. I like the background of the sign and the way it took you right into another speaker. It was encouraging for growth in the company.

    1. Hey Great Job!!! I felt the District Managers done a Good job explaining how they started, where they started and now where they are with the company. This was a very encouraging video for anyone who works for Dirt Cheap, no matter what level they at, the room to Grow and Develop was shown in the video.

  2. This is wonderful! I had the opportunity to have Mr. Edmund and Mr. Sean as DM’s and worked with Ms. Linda and Ms. Barbara at Pensacola Dirt Cheap’s grand opening and they all definitely have the company best interest at heart.

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